Colton James Wiscombe



Colton James Wiscombe

I’ve always wanted to understand how things work. Some of my earliest memories are looking under cars to learn what made them go. As I got older, I discovered my aptitude for visual arts—drawing, painting, and graphic design.

I graduated from the University of Utah with my degree in theoretical linguistics where I spent my time researching languages looking for universal patterns. I learned how to ask questions and find connections between abstract ideas.

My inquisitive personality and combined artistic sense made web design a natural hobby and my eventual career path. I've designed and built websites for over sixteen years with seven years as a full-time professional.

My favorite aspect has been helping brands define themselves visually, then create engaging digital experiences for people to interact with them in unique ways.

I've worked for agencies and worn many hats including creative director, front end developer, UX/UI designer, and team lead. I speak both code and design which gives me a unique perspective by which I'm able to lead creative teams.